How to gut Lithuanians in one move

Malians will be very interesting too now, and Cumans will be really really interesting, excited to play them, Steppe lance with the ratio fire to 2.0 will be good

That is true, but Malians can’t just spam knights in castle age vs full pikes and still win. I think it’s okay that this powerspike eventually falls off. And when your monastery gets denied on Arabia for example you are likely losing anyway. I get your argument though. However Liths also have Leitis with 16+6 attack that can take that role (in 1v1)

Here’s what I think will be the ultimate effect for Lithuanians:

-Will get picked less on land team games
-Will lose win rate on land team games
-Will get picked less on land 1v1
-Win rate remain the same on land 1v1
-Remain strong pick on hybrid maps

Is that so bad?



I don’t think they’re bad changes but players will have to get relics to be on average level and really try to get 4 to get a strong bonus, it’s more the hassle of getting relics, but we will see

imagine how completely out of touch you have to be to leave position-picking in the game and nerf cavalry civs that aren’t franks

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Are they going to compensate for the Lithuanian halberdiers or not? Or just shift their identity?
I don’t know why would the devs perturb balanced civs so much like the Lithuanians…

Because of Winged Hussar and crypainers that hated face relics.

So your argument is primarily aimed at team games right?
Because in 1v1 they will still be quiet solid if not better

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Man is basically nerf for both sides, Knights that just need relics to be good, ROFL

Because people is 100% biased to OG civs, that’s it

Unless you are an Arena player, this nerf changes nothing. If you are an Arena player, then sorry, my bad. Anyway, Lithuanians do not need a Buff to their Leitis, Blast Furnace certainly isn;t what makes them too strong. I would much rather see the 150F starting bonus downsized to 75F

Did you read my post, I said basically the nerf wasn’t targetting the problem of +150f, and Leitis didn’t need a buff

Then my bad. Sorry. I will adjust my post. I just probably also get equally mad at every balance change because they mostly don’t ever address any issues…

I think hard to compare this and Farimba… Farimba only comes in at Imp, which makes it very hard to get on open maps, and the civ behind Farimba sucks on Arena. Lith bonus can kick in from Castle Age, so you can get a nice power spike early castle and shred.

Shesh :slightly_frowning_face:
Leave lithuanians alone. Just nerf their extra food and don’t give them winged hussars.


lol at calling lithuanian paladins trash now, they still get potentially +2 damage over FU, they still can easily get FU paladins which are never trash, they still got much better paladins than celt or byzantines. they still have another UU heavy cav unit that is broken and not even nerfed…

lith heavy cav has been just broken op in teamgames for so long. even with FU spanish paladins you cant compete anymore in todays meta. hope that also elite leits can only receive +1 damage as compensation and not +2 so they stop 3 shotting halbs so easily.

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If you are getting ■■■■■■ up by lithuanian paladins with 22 attack is your problem, not the civ, period.

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22 attack, are you even listeting to yourself, you are being delusional.

my portugese cavaliers just get nuked, and if i get halbediers i cant keep up with pop efficency or get outmaneuvered. there is no way. its just unbalanced broken

You just answered your own thing, and wtf are your doing with Portugese Cavaliers lol
And how I’m going to use at TGs, Teuton paladins? they are slow? Frankish or ordinary ones? they are boring as ■■■■