How to improve Mangonnels (Nerf)

This topic is made for people’s that want to improve AoE4 siege gameplay.

If you think that there is no problems with mangonnels, do not participate and polute this topic, you can do your own topic to discuss whatever you want*

I think Mangonnels should be :

Hard counter vs ranged units
Soft counter vs infantry
Cav hard counter them

→ More building times for Abba and Mongols (Already in PUP)
→ More expansive (Devs agreed to this in the last twitch stream)
→ When units runs out of mangonnels shots, they shouldnt hit like a balistic rocket and follow units like TC
→ Heavy cav should hit a bit faster vs mangonnels and siege in general. Heavy cav is super expansive, it
should have more damage than Horseman vs siege.
→ Bigger minimum range
→ The overall range should be a bit lower, (They act like a semi trebuchet right now)

→ Friendly fire could be nice but it’s a big change. So I dont know, the fact that you can hit your own units without any problem makes mangonnels super decisive in the battlefield. You can win vs a way larger army.

My second proposition is just to do it like AoE2 logic :

Light Mangonnel in caste age (Cost less and less powerfull, just there to counter archers, and a bit infantry)
Heavy Mangonnel in imperial age after an expansive upgrade

Do not hesitate to propose your solutions!


Mangonels are the only good counter to mass MAA spam. Making it soft-counter to infantry will make it even worse. Crossbows are not in good position in game. They pretty much get countered by every unit in the game, especially by Mangonel and Archers. There will be no effective counter to MAA after this change.

I would suggest a single change which is horsemen/knights being very effective counter to siege including rams especially knights. Current late-game composition is to spam springlads + mangonel + handcannoner + spears. Pretty much counters every other composition. You have more springlads its impossible to get siege advantage. Spears melt down horsemen and knights. While knights are able to take tank from spears but not from handcannoners. The only viable strats against this composition is landmark snipe.

mangonels shots follow you to certain distance out of their range its so annoying

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I would be happy to see the following two changes:

1, make max range actually being its max range. Those projectiles should not follow my moving away units.

2, the packing and unpacking time need to be increased, at least their most deadly first shot need to be delayed.


Despite the tests I have done, it could be adjusted a little more.

The only thing I can think of is to reduce the unpack speed and decrease the rate of fire to before the patch that increased it (8.75/s instead of 6.75/s).

Don’t leave that unit in the worst thing either, as it’s a good mid/late game unit.

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Sounds like they should consider buffing crossbowmen then, rather than relying on mangonels to be the only counter to MAA spam. If mangonels core purpose is countering MAA then it begs the question why they are so effective at so many other things (arguably they counter all other foot units more strongly than MAA).

I dont like the number 2 because its frustrating when units are slow. But I get the idea

Crossbow got buffed some patch ago. I dont have the same feeling. I think crossbow is the best unit in castle age. There is only mangonnels as a counter.

That’s so frustrating. I want to alt f4 everytimes it happens :joy:

At N4C they experimented with some bans, which I think resulted in much more entertaining matches (no stone walls in Feudal, no stone wall towers at all). I’d love to see a tournament where mangonels join the ban list. I’m willing to bet it would result in a more entertaining game.

The simple reality is, if you have anti-infantry siege which does its job well, games will always devolve into siege wars. To prevent this you can either nerf the anti-infantry siege to the point of irrelevance, or remove it entirely from the game.

I say remove the anti-infantry siege and let siege serve the purposes to which it’s best suited:

  1. Anti-building
  2. Anti-ship
  3. Anti-siege

I completely agree with this. There is already the split between archers and arbalest to prevent mass ranged units from feudal age to imperial age like aoe2. Also there is 2 counters of archers, maa and knigts.

That’s a good idea actualy, I think some casters could host a showmatch with those settings!

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