How to improve mongol

mongol nowadays is just about tower rushing dark age and feudal keshik then die in castle age.

this change will make playing mongol, feels like you are playing the mongol.

  1. change mangudai to be trainable in dark age instead of spearman, and make mangudai cost 30 wood and 50 gold. to compensate for this the attack speed is reduce to be the same as regular archer.

this way mongol player will train mangudai instead of archer

  1. make yam network scale able with age (0/15/20/30), the only way mongol can defend their villager late game is with speed

  2. mongol only can make tower in feudal age

what about khaganate palace?

What will be the counter to this unit in dark age? Also at this cost and with their current stats; even if you reduce their attack speed; archer counter play will not maintain cost effectiveness.

Lastly none of this would remove tower rushing. This would merely solidify tower rushing bc instead of making 4+ spearman; you’ll make a few mangudai to kite all dark age counter play.

Actually with 3 range on mangudai you won’t even need a tower on gold . you’ll th woodline and just shoot the villagers on gold.

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In my opinion I think that the mangudai should change automatic attack for a manual attack, with movement speed at 1.62 and a special automatic attack ability that only lasts a few seconds

Regarding the yarn network, I think 15% is good, since it is a standard movement limit for all civilizations. Now what they could improve is that only Deer Stone has a speed of 20% but in a small or halved radius. It is an opinion since this landmark is useless later, even if it is destroyed.

Towers are always good not only in feudal, especially the improvements that the Mongols have in imperial.

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