How to increase the Armor of the castle using scenario editor

As many time I use modify attribute, Armor > add +10 the armor still shows 8/11

I think you need to give it the correct armour class which for castles I guess it’s the building class but I don’t remember what the number is… You can find a list by googling it anyway.

I watched a video, it shows the class for buildings is number 11, but it wont work. I don’t know what else I require to activate it.

Thank you! Thank you All :melting_face::melting_face::melting_face: It worked when I used two attributes once with 11 for buildings and 3 again for armor

Only classes 3 and 4 are shown on the UI (melee and pierce armor). The other classes won’t be shown to players, and will only matter for being attacked by units with bonuses against that class. So making changes to class 11 is totally working, but you’ll never be shown it visually.

I’ll add that you can change both pierce and melee shown armor, with triggers

I dont know why It worked for once, but its not working now :frowning:

I have seen clearly, 8/(11+9), when I set quantity to 20 on armor class3

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I am now getting doubt, if any civ has +9 bonus armor

I got the error, I have given armor with modify attribute but increased hit points with change object hp, now I changed hit points with modify attribute only and ITS WORKING!!! Thank you Guys!!! :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face:

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