How to install AOE 3 DE on steam?

How do i install it on steam?
i got access to both steam and windows store

Hi @Chuninpeter, Please see the Age of Empires Insider Support & FAQ at the link below for help installing the game.

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I didnot get the steam key in the mail.
i only got the mail for windows store.
does that mean i can only use windows store?
@ RadiatingBlade

Yes. You are correct.

@ RadiatingBlade
Is there any way to get the steam key as well?

No. In the future if you would prefer to receive only beta keys for Microsoft Store or Steam, make sure your insider profile preferences are set.

Are you having problems installing the Microsoft Store version of the beta after following the Age of Empires Insider Support & FAQ troubleshooting steps?

So the problem is i have a 10 Mbps connection and the game is 33 gb so its going to take while to finish downloading.
The download in the windows store keeps getting disconnected from time to time and I have to manually restart it.(download progress isnt lost though)
So if i keep it running overnight and sleep it may fail in the middle and i wouldnt know.
But the steam download is smoother and automatically restarts if it disconnects in the middle.
I was not aware of this issue when i opted in for the beta.

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Hi. I didnt get my code at all :frowning:

@FrootCat Were you invited to the beta on the Microsoft Store version of the game? If so, you won’t receive a beta key. More info here:

Can?I thought it could only be installed in the win10 store

@LingXiao26 You will need to install the game using instructions provided in your beta invite email. The beta is available on both the Microsoft Store and Steam platforms, but beta participants are only provided an invite to one of the platforms.