How to keep your TC working as Palmyran in RM

I’ve been watching several tutorials from Hellstriker and such about early game and how to keep your TC working for regular civilizations. Assuming that there are berries and they are conveniently placed, five villagers can upkeep constant TC production. Six villagers if the berries are bit poor.

But what about being Palmyran?

You start with 50 more food, yet a villager costs you 25 more, but they also work 25% faster. More important, they have armor. The best start with those guys is finding elephants or deer fast with 4 after building one two houses, if no animals nearby queue first villager then build two houses with one vil and scout the berries and put on immediately the other two, move TC queue to berries, build granary with first vil close to berries, put on berries too, keep on queueing TC to berries, after nine move queueing wood, some time later take off one vil from berries and build storage pit or another house. Your berries probably will run out before you can age up, so running a little behind with Palmyran is certainly acceptable. But when you get to spamming lot’s of Chariot Archers and Scythes. Wow. :smiley:

It depends on your build but if you go for ten on food six on wood to start with then you should split your food to 5 or six on berries and the rest on hunt or fish.

Here is a classic gameplay video that shows you how to get five archery ranges all working with a very early bronze time. Making use of the totally random placement of shore fishing which has the highest gathering rate of all foods. It even shows how to double hunt elephants (poorly but effectively).