How to make a unit cost half population space?

I tried “modify attribute” and selected “population” and then divide by 2 because I want a certain kind of units to take only 0,5 pop space. It seems that divide and multiply don’t work in this case but I cannot type a decimal number either so what should I do to get 0,5?

I don’t know how modding is done in AoE2, but since Malay Karambit Warrior take 0,5 pop you should investigate how is that done if you have access to units data.

I know but for that you need modding (genie editor I think) indeed. I just use the editor and it should be possible to achieve the same result since I can, for example, make a unit cost 10 population space… The problem exists just when you have to use decimals because the “divide” doesn’t work I think. But I’ve seen it done in custom campaigns so it should be doable.