How to make selection outlines lighter?

How to make the outlines of selection circle thinner or lighter? I am unable to find which file controls it. Can anyone plz help me?
It looks distracting when large number of units are selected together.
@TriRem @Yorok0 @Zetnus @Tevious7621 Do you have any idea? :slight_smile:


@StepS7578 Is it possible to mod them?
Selected unit/building borders are currently considerably thicker than in AOC/HD. Probably because they will also need to be visible at 4K resolution.
Would be good, if their thickness would be customizable. In beta majority preferred AOC/HD thickness.

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@Jineapple Do you know how to edit the outlines?

its probably hard coded like all the other stuff we want to change. the devs for actual editing the game hardly respond here, at least from the time I registered in dec I havent seen once, even in discord they seldomly respond.

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just tag them @fe_dev_team

if only tagging works. hope they can also shed light on:

  • how to make a flying class that can’t be attacked by ground units
  • flying hawk shadow cast over building/tree when flying over
  • allow double click select all units from same task swap group, not just villagers
  • fix the AI building spacing between other buildings and along tree line, allow up to 2 tile spacing.
  • when will we be allowed to make working buttons along with new civs