How to make the wall mechanism of Age of Empires 4 come into play?



Nope, they need to be double cost, double duration, half hp. Heck, double the duration again, why not. /sarcasm

I agree, the nerfs to walls and nerfs to siege made cavalry balls too OP for too long

Here we do not talk about walls with so much life, walls with new mechanics, with a deeper use, in trying to deepen the game.

They over nerfed the walls in this game, stone resource and keeps. It never was that difficult to take those down to begin with but now its just ridiculously easy.

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1st reason is that the ranged projectiles never miss, this makes Keep emplacements OP also goes to Siege units.
As you can see, they are both nerfed to the ground.

Walls were nerfed like hell because the Pro players would build many rows of walls…
And they complained a lot about nerfing wall HP.

Boiling oil was an effective upgrade, but now it Is useless.
I think they just needed to decrease the AOE range, not damage.

As a result, we have over-nerfed walls and keeps.
And that mostly satisfies the PRO players.

They should also think about what these changes does to the rest of the player-base and the long-term future for this game. Why introduce a new wall system, and then destroy the very thing it does differently from previous AOE games.

And regarding the pro player issue, id say if you let someone build that many rows with walls then its your own fault for letting that happen. Now we have a wall system that is worthless and only useful against the AI.

So boring and makes the game less unique from the rest of the AOE titles. I love the new wall system that AoEIV has to offer, but currently it’s just not worth using it in MP games.

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As you know, the pros have very high APM, so they do manage to build many rows of walls around the map.

Well, I still don’t think that they should always listen to the pro players as they are a very tiny tiny percentage of the whole player-base, and some things shouldn’t be changed due to the fact that the majority of the players are playing different from the pros.

There is no perfect way to balance the wall system, but it’s hell of a fun thing to use and has potential to create epic battles if they undo the nerfs. I just feel like a whole feature of AoEIV that makes it different from other games in the franchise, is just pointless now and that sucks.

If the pro players are so frustrated about the walls, then they can create their own rules in their own tournament’s to not build walls or strict rules on how to build them. There are more ways to deal with this, and not just nerf it to the ground where it just becomes pointless.


Indeed, rules could help them to not exploit some features.

I don’t want to name them but since we’re talking about it, for example I had heard Beasty that before the Patch for the castles he would have said what was going to happen, knowing perfectly well that it wouldn’t be a good thing, as you say, you don’t always have to listen to the pros, since in some cases, they almost break the game, doing things that the developers hadn’t planned for, I don’t care if a pro gets bored because a game gets long because there are walls, the game works like this, that’s what makes it makes it different from other RTS like STC, we are making the walls similar to Sige tower, almost exhausted, once upon a time it made sense to make the stone wall, for the cost and the use, also increasing the potential to stand on it, I still remember when it made sense to make stone towers on walls, and i honestly remember them all as good times, now the game is getting overbalanced, like making everything the same, and as one fact gets worse, the balance that fits by giving, he is breaking the primary patterns given by his birth, this means that by making changes, the main primary factor of initial thinking is lost, people do not think about the future but only about the nerfs, because they lose matches, where are we going at this rate?

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