How to make trebuchets fire without damage like in Bari?

The first Bari mission sees the city of Bari under siege as Louis has trebuchets continuously fire on the city. The scenario sets it up as thought the trebuchets do not actually damage the city at all. How can I do this in my own scenario?

The only ways I can see this happen is if the trebs are set to attack ground and the buildings are allies to the attacker, and so no damage occurs - but I don’t see any trigger to set attack ground.

I also tried setting trebuchet damage to 0, but it glitches out so that it can only go to 1, and trebs still get bonus vs buildings so they still cause a good amount of damage.

Any other methods I can try? Or is there a way I can edit the Bari scenario and see what it does?

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You can try copying the “{steamPath}\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources_common\campaign\fcam3.aoe2campaign” (Bari) file to “C:\Users{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE{userId]\resources_common\campaign” and try, whether you can unpack it inside game campaign manager to gain ability to edit and see its scenarios

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Yes! This worked great. You are a savior. Also thank you for finding a solution for one of the bugs I found.

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:
What trick did that Bari scenario have then for non-damaging trebuchets? It might help someone if you would share that info here

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Yes, it took me a bit to figure out as their triggers are a little complex to understand. Essentially, they assigned trebuchets to hit towers, and then had that player’s towers heal by 3000 every time.

This can be done easily with a looping trigger that heals a player’s buildings by 3000 continuously until you want it to stop. In the case of Bari, they used only towers category, but I could just use simple buildings category which fit just as well.

What I couldn’t figure out, was how Bari did this while keeping alliance status. There is a player for Bari, and a player for Louis II. Louis II is sieging Bari with continuously firing trebuchets, but as a player is also allied to Bari. Despite being allies, Bari’s buildings still take damage from Louis II’s trebuchets, and also do not fire back at the trebuchets which might be in range of the towers. I simply set the besieger to enemy and the besieged to ally with the besieger to escape this, but that was only for my situation.

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It looks like in that mission the Trebuchets do deal damage, but the damaged structures just get healed.