How to make your game appear quickly in the lobby browser


I know that I am not the only one who require more than 5 minutes to have the game appear in the lobby browser. (some time it require more than 15 minutes…) What tricks do you have to make it appear quickly?

How do you actualize game lobby more than every five seconds?
It’s hard to find a c a, cba, x10… with less than 8/8 players. It’s a rush to enter the room and most of the time between two refresh the room is already full.

Is it because I have buy the game on microsoft store?

Why the logo xbox make you ban in some lobby?

Some people don’t want to play with people on consoles, so they think everyone with Xbox logo is playing with a controller when that’s not true.

Could be there’s a community for CBA players - I wouldn’t know - where people post lobby codes so everyone joins immediately without even looking at the lobby browser. I’m sure there’s Steam groups and Discord servers for all map types where people post lobby codes to play quickly.

If you’re not in any, I’d advise you to find such communities so you can also post your own lobby code and get people to join your lobbies.