How to meke a normal nickname gamertag?

I noticed that on this forum most of the members have normal names, without specials extra numbers! But when I try to change my nickname gamertag in Xbox settings, he stubbornly insists that I wear these incomprehensible numbers!!! “9456” It annoys me! Moreover, they require money for the change! But I never used the free change nickname gamertag!!!

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Hi @Roman22119456, Xbox Live switched over to a new gamertag system much like Discord where you have a preferred username followed by numbers to differentiate between users. If the gamertag without numbers is available, you should be able to change it. Have you tried creating a new Microsoft Account and changing your gamertag to a username which is likely not taken already?

I do not understand, what to do? Example this without number! Profile - ComboCookie - Age of Empires Forum
Still, I don’t understand how to make a profile without an extra number???

The numbers are because your name is already taken. For example, when i wanted to create my xbox account (to sign in here) i went for “MarianoHM”… because someone already has that name, it gives you numbers.
So there could be a lots of users named “MarianoHM” but with diferent numbres. Hope i clarify the matter!