How to mod to allow untrainable UUs? (Royal Janissary, Centurion, Legionary, Ninja, Norse & Eastern Swords)

Hi guys,

Is there any mod (or any way to make one) that allows to train all the UUs for specific civilizations which aren’t available outside the Scenario Editor?


Dragon Ship

Eastern Swordsman


Royal Janissary

Norse Warrior

I’ve only seen a couple of mods that adds one or 2 of these to Turks & Byzantines specifically. If this needs to go to the Modding section, I’m happy for that to happen.

There is a folder named as Tools_Builds in Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. You can open AdvancedGenieEditor3.exe , tell that program where are .dat files which you want to edit. From default it gives location nearly perfect but if your game doesn’t in C: drive, you need to change it. You can watch basic guides from youtube with 1.5x speed or try to figure it by yourself. Under “units” tab, find your wanted unit. Legionary is first unit if we dont consider 0. Then at right scroll. Find Unit train Location/time and Unit costs. Change them whatever you want. You have to save as to a mod folder, It’s a little bit complicated (mod folder location is weird) so i recommend searching google or watching video for it.

This is the only YT video that I can find, but it’s a bit hard to follow & it doesn’t have how to assign units to specific civs.

I see that there is the check box for civs, but I’m really hesistant to mess around with something that I’m a green thumb at. I might just sum up the questions that I have:

  1. How can I either replace the Elite Janissary/Cataphract with the Royal & Centurion variants at the Castle or have the option to place both at the Castle with 2 separate buttons? I’m thinking of whether it’s possible to put the Centurion/Royal Janissary in the spot just below the Castle Age UU where the Elite upgrade is and have them take up the spot where the Elite Tech was after it has finished. I saw that the Castle building ID is 82, but I don’t know which spots correspond to where on the grid.

  2. I already installed someone else’s Xolotl Warrior mod which enables the Meso-American stable. Is there a way to distinguish between the default one found after converting another player’s stable and the one’s which are fully upgraded from the Montezuma campaign? Is it possible to make the Montezuma one an “Elite” Xolotl Warrior?

For second question, in mods section i think you can open mod files. You must edit that database.

For first one i will explain with pictures. Select all civs when editing a unit, i don’t know what it does

Add build location for the first unit and look its id. (Its not in this picture.)

Look at Techs, There is civ, age and requiared buildings, thats why you don’t need to change a unit for a civ. Look for effect number (id).

I replaced Catapcrath with Centurion, sorry for typos. I will show how to add secondary unit too.

This is how to copy unit, copy unit then buff stats to make Elite version. I don’t know how to change Language (Description, unit name). Search for Elite Catapracht at techs and look its effect then put Centurion versions instead of Catapracht.

Add build location for the secondary unit and look its id.

Add new Tech and Effect or just go back to make unit (avail) effect where you add centurion instead of catapcrath add new effect to that and select command type (2 for enable/disable objects). Then put unit id (for Legionary its 1). If you want to put at barracks, do that. If you want to make Elite version make a buffed units, add tech add effect and put change unit command to that effect.

For Jannissaries, search for Elite Janissary Tech, look at effect id. Go to effects and find it. There will be Jannissary to Elite Janissary, change Elite Janissary id to 52 (Royal Janissary). Also you can try to copy Elite Janissary texts (Description etc) by giving those id texts to Royal one.

Or put Elite Janissary tech effect to make Royal Jannissaries enabled and give Royal Janissary build location Castles/4. Give them more cost or creation time if you want to (because Royal ones has +5 HP but already created Jannissaries will be Elite one)

Maybe you can find more help there, like texts (name, description etc.) And what does selecting civs on units tab. And also I don’t know how to make/change Tech Tree.

Thanks for this. There are no techs to add Royal Janissary or Centurion. Can I make another effect for Elite Janissary/Cataphract to make the Royal/Centurion available?

You can add new effect to effect so you don’t have to add 2 effects to a tech, add new effect command to already existing effect OR make new effect then make new tech, assign required techs (costs, research time and location if it’s paid research) assign your new effect.

It’s quite easy to do with a few triggers in the scneario editor. But I guess that’s not what you want

I’m wanting to make a data mod to make it more permanent.