How to not profit

  1. Wonna play late night chill
  2. Get matched against Chinese smurfing stack over and over again
  3. Resign at minute 5:00
  4. Get insulted by 13xx teammate thinking he can beat vivi/jibatong
  5. Get reported by teammate
  6. Repeat
  7. Get multiplayer suspension

Pls for sake of humanity fix the new account pulling for rank boosting


you resign at minute 5 and complain about getting a multiplayer suspension? seems like you got exactly what you deserve.

if you think your opponents are smurfing report them after you’ve played the game


people like you have no understanding how the game works, sry

the game is over at 00:00 if 2k player pull a new account and get matched against 1k3 player.

if you are against smurfs you are basically always down a player and the remaining teammates still have lower ratings and are expected to lose.


so you’ll probably lose…big deal. you can still have fun playing

is AAA game if someone is dead 15:00 already, fun playing.

now srsly stop trolling and queue up with your smurf stack!!

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it really sucks. but just resign after the grace period you wont get a suspension. highly doubt reporting works like that anyway. otherwise these smurf teams would get nailed as well due to reporting

you might be resigning too soon, and the auto ban kicks in.

the laughable part about the auto ban is it actually makes allies in that situation wait even longer, if it didnt exist you could quit sooner, and they wouldnt have waste 5+ mins of their life on top of the queue and search time. all of this is the smurf teams fault. so dont let “people” like twerd discourage you

leave AFTER 5 min


i think what happened is that his teammate reported him for resigning too early. Sounds like OP does that a few times, which might be the reason for his ban.

And yup smurfs ruin everything.

as i was saying, i dont think bans actually work otherwise the smurf guys wouldve been hit, but they arent. same goes for so many other wanton trolls (mangoneling/walling ally TCs etc)

Ive seen same people griefing game after game different ways on 1400-2100 tg elo, but they dont get suspension. But when i say something a bit aggressive towards My teammates i get 3 day suspension. Its a bit of an joke how inconsistant this system is, just like TG Ladder :wink:


People like you will never get this. I play ranked games to play against people at the same level.

I don’t care about losing. I don’t care about my rank either, or at least not much…but i do care about having good games, even if i lose at the end.

If you are forced to play against people all the time who are 1-2 classes above u it is not fun and u are not having good games…and i can understand why you would leave after 5 minutes. If i play vs a smurf team and get them after this game again (good matchmaking btw) i do the same.

Pretty interesting btw. that it is like 90% chance that the enemy team is smurfing if they have asian names


cmon no one likes to get outplayed by a miles. when playing, you have the right to be matched to a similar level player so you can get better and actually learn. if an opponent crushes you in 10 minute only thing you learned is frustration and disappointment, which i do not want to feel while playing a game. is so satysfing to lose a contested/equal game after a proper fight.

losing to smurfs basically feels like your opponent has laser rifle and you are stuck in the stone age with a rock and you are supposed to have fun fighting


it’s not a queue ban. it’s a multiplayer suspension from beeing reported by the smurf team and my teammates for leaving at 5min.
if you leave past 5min the queue ban doesnt take place.

I have no idea that they actually ban people

Smurfing doesn’t get you banned though, it’s not seen as being an issue. However leaving right after 5 minutes and getting reported by the other players might get people banned, it seems it’s what happened to OP.

@ColeCaufield I guess that depends on what you said to your teammates :rofl: