How to open the game folder? Where is the official modding tool?

I bought the the game from Microsoft Store.
I can’t find the game folder.
Is there a official modding tool to let me change in-game graphics and musics? Where is it?


OMG I really wanna find this also. I tried all day to find it, but it seems like nowhere!!! And my another question is how can I just add a customized map only (.rms file) but not a mod!!! Bcz I just want a Michi map. All the michi mod I can find on this website are all kind of weird… I just need a normal basic michi map~~~~

I would try downloading similar mods and look at their folder structure, some files can be opened with a text editor, but I think there isn’t much support there as I tried adding some custom icons and the game ignored it.

Mods are uner [User]\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE[Numbers]\mods

The random maps are under AoE2DE\resources_common\random-map-scripts