How to play as Cumans on water?

I joined a match, and the host made us set our civs as random on an Islands map, and I got Cumans, who has a pathetic navy.

What is the meta for Cumans on water?

Cumans are a bad water civ. If you play standard, you play with zero bonuses.

You could try to land and go Archers to shake things up. At least then you use the military building wood discount bonus.


I like that idea, his opponent would most likely have invested a lot in water by the time of the landing, time of which you could prepare archers or scouts along with feudal rams

Transport in Feudal and TC their island.

I have no idea how that lets you win the game, but it’d be fun if after several minutes of mopping up scouts they followed them home and then found an entire second base.

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