How to play when your ally is Delhi?

Usually in a 2vs2 I know what my ally is doing. English go for longbow, french will knight rush and so on and I can adjust to it (HRE main). But Delhi is very unfamiliar to me. As HRE, what is the best way to play with a Delhi ally and how do you support them?

Probably you should play defensive , they are going to do a fast feudal to capture those sanctuaries and they are not going to know how to defend themselves without army , maybe you should build walls around them , in conclusion :

Play defensive with your teammate .

They got all of their techs for free , that’s why they are going to do a fast feudal to capture sanctuaries with their special tech .

Protect them at all cost , they do a big boom at castle age

Just be ready to do something by castle age, and remember to wall. Not much else. You can have my sheep.

As for communication, make sure to remind your Delhi ally to:

  1. Keep up with mosques
  2. Pro scout is free (& ez bruh)
  3. Market
  4. Wall with infantry during attack