How to properly scout for a tower rush and deal with it

There is a lot of forum noise on how OP tower rushes are and how they make the game un-fun etc. And with the next patch otw, not much will changed about the early tower rush. Arrow slits and chinese equalivant lost 1 tile range.

So IMO it’s safe to assume Mongol Chinese and English tower rushes will still be a thing. This is why i wanna share a guide on how to scout for said rush and a few helpful tips to counter.

  1. First thing first I’ll assume you have horrible multi tasking abilities. So at the begining of your game you’ll start immediately with a lumber camp with at least 1 preferably 2 villagers gathering wood.

  2. Next you’ll make a 2nd scout. First scout goes directly to enemy base to contest his sheep mear his base and gather constant intel. Meanwhile YOUR 2nd scout is bsck home rounding up your close proximity sheep.

  3. Third while you’re at enemy base your counting english villagers. Why? Bc they need 5 villager to two shot your villagers so if you see he’s 5 villagers short of your total that’s a clear indicator he’s already on the way to your gold or nearby food. In the case of mongols you’re looking for the ovoo and checking if a barracks is going up. For them you just follow the spears that come out bc they will lead you to the villager in case you missed it, but unlikely they’d send the villager ahead without protection bc wolves and scouts would kill it. Versus China you’re counting the number of villagers on wood. If you see 4+ vil on wood that’s a clear indicator he’s building something he doesnt need to age up!! (Scouting a bbq rush is something else not dicussed here).

  4. In the case of mongols and china tr youll want to keep your scout and attention in their base to follow their forward villager(s).

  5. Meanwhile at home you have options: either send more villagers to wood and drop a barracks for defensive spears or drop 2 towers on the top side of your exposed gold mine to form mickey mouse ears. So the two towers are each an ear, the gold mine is the head and your mining camp is the neck.This will force enemy to walk around your towers to place his towers which will make him come closer to you and easier for you to pull villagers scout and deny. Also with the reduction on arrow slits it will be mathematical impossible for a 7 tile arrow slit tower placed on the same side of your mickey mouse ears towers to reach your villagers on the opposite side of the mining camp. This guarantees 6 vils gathering safely without ever walking in the path of the opposite side arrow slit tower for the duration of that gold source. Alternatively you can place 2 towers on the edge of your wood line to insure a safe pocket for a very long time before chop threw exposes your vil to arrow slit dmg.

  6. When ever you do pull villagers scouts and or units to deny a tower going up always attack the villager building!!! The only exception to this rule is if you can guarantee you’ll burn the tower down with zero causalities, then you’d wasted 100 wood of his and the 45s that vil spent to build it.


Now this is how to typically scout a CHINESE BBQ is coming!!!

Follow steps 1 and 2 above

  1. Now you’re scouting to see if he skipped a lumber camp and has all his vills on food and gold. This means he wants feudal resources fast!!! Chances are its for bbq. All you’re gonna do is hang out at the edge of his base or just go direclty to the mill where the majority of villagers will be and harrass those villagers all the way back to your base!!! Be sure to rally both scouts to harrass

  2. Meanwhile back at home vs china you should have already started off lumber camp yourself so you should have sufficient wood to place small wall segments in key denying places.

  3. Once his villagers finally come in range of your location pull your villagers to come kill his AND use your scout the landmark block!!. You can tell where he’s placing the landmark by watching the villagers walking behaviors!!!

Not a step but in the PUP villagers attack much faster than they do in current patch. How do i know? Bc i could consistently kill a boar with 8 vils and only have to pull away 1 vil with low health, not using textiles. Also a few times i had my bbq DENIED by having all 8 of my builders killed even while attempting to kite the wounded.

Now back to the outcomes. If you successfully deny hos bbq build without losing any villagers, you’ve already won bc hos idle time will be at least twice that of yours. If he gets the bbq up BUT you killed 7?! Of his villager and you lost none? And you continue to lose none? He also lost the game.

For a pro reference of this exact outcome check a mista vs puppypaw? Last tournament game on 4 lakes Rus vs china. The BBQ was not denied but several villagers gave their lives for the bbq to go up and Rus lost no villagers. Rus lost fishing ships but that was map dependent thing, china had technically already lost the game there even though the game officially went on for another 30+ mins?

Nice guide and I’m sure players will find it useful. My only caveat is that for new/inexperienced players, those steps are quite a lot to follow. Which is why I feel tower rush has been a bit too effective since the patch with map size reductions was released.

Tower rush as a strategy should definitely remain, I just feel it needs to be tweaked a little to be more early game friendly for new players. The success of this game relies just as much on welcoming new players as it does satisfying AoE fans.

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thanks for acknowledging the obvious. this is all good but too much of a burden for someone trying to get into the game using the gamepass, guess what they move on. make it balanced for both sides. compare this guide to this:

go plant a tower near any resource you are able to, next tower within range of the first tower, circle the base. end.

If we’re talking about 2 beginners this guide is not useful. But likewise if a beginner can learn cut wood and build a tower offensively then another beginner can learn to cut wood and build a barracks and make spears to burn the tower down.

It’s a meta misnomer that Dark age is supposed to be free.

beautiful post my man. so sick of people complaining about tower rushes or any sort of early aggression.

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