How to reach devs?

how to reach devs? it’s pointless wasting time here wiht the troll army and troll mods on this abusive forum


Support hub:

Which, depending on issue, can lead you to submit a request:

There’s also a dedicated support page for the AoE Insider program, if you’re a member:

I found some of the above by going to this pinned thread. There are probably multiple ways of getting to them, though (I just don’t know them offhand):

That said, devs sometimes view threads in the forum, and occasionally (fairly rarely, though, I think) reply directly to them in the various threads, if they so choose. Devs have replied to a handful of my posts over the years. If you have a bug to report via the forums, and if you explain things well, I think I noticed a year ago when I visited the forums more frequently that they tended to reply to posts in the bug report threads more frequently than others


these requeatas r never answereed

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You’re welcome

But anyways, you asked, I answered. Good luck. Starting to feel sorry for wasting my time


Try being polite and not making videos where you call this game awful


If you are so upset with everyone here in this forum and how the game works, really, just leave this forum and stop wasting our time. It’s really tiring reasoning with you.


Honestly when i see your most recent posts. I think it’s better to not give the balance of the game to you …


@OP: Just curious, do you have any previous account on this forum? Your suggestions sound similar to a person that has been already banned…

The developers read posts here they just don’t reply all that often.

If you are being ignored by the developers it’s probably because they know you only represent a very small minority of the player base.


the game is seriously broken in every aspect and devs do nothing about it, while 99% of 3the people including dev s here are trolling.
Some troll mod deletes my posts about trees not growing while woood running out is a serious issue.


Go play another game and ask for a refund.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he is coyplautus both onsessed with flaming camels with aggressive stance and both rambling and ignoring others with major self importance

Wouldnt you agree that Mamlukes and elephants are underpowered? I remember you saying that @god21212 and I fully agree

No it’s not and if it was why would you want to play it?
There surely are better games out there for you if you hate everything about AoE2.

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Ah, so that’s why they don’t listen to you. I wouldn’t, either

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just reflect on this for a minute. this game has been out for over 20 years, has been re-released twice, has 40 000+ active players and it hasn’t been changed, yet nobody except for you is asking for this. maybe you are wrong


Build a lumber camp somewhere else lol. At my eyes you are the biggest troll here

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@god21212 we need to buff elephants Onagers and Mameluks. Dont you agree

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We need to nerf mamluks and make them 2 pop dont you agree

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Yeah I didn’t even open that thread, just assumed it was a troll-y joke post 11