How to reply to mod rating?

The new mods website only allows users to rate/comment a mod, but does not allow mod owner to reply to the comments? Why? There was this function on the old website even.



We had to change the backend due to some compliance requirements. It’s on our to-do list to bring that functionality back though.


Thanks for the info. Could you prioritize this feature? Users might not be aware of it being missing, and expect communication that can’t be done atm.

Will you bring back the old conversations on the old modding page?

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FYI, there is now an option when submitting/editing your mod on the web site to allow discussion. If you select that it will automatically create a thread in the forums for discussing your mod and link to it from the mod detail page. You can see an example on the Small Trees mod page. This can also potentially help with discoverability of your mod by people in the forums.


This is better than before, but it doesn’t make sense that you don’t allow replying to ratings directly. Users checking the mod page won’t necessarily know the author can only reply in a separate thread.


Hi,the officials,I have make a comment at a mod as the picture below but it cannot be shown,what happen?