How to represent all popular civs - Cosmetic reskin DLC

AoE4 can’t represent all the unique civs of AoE2, by nature of the game’s design. This will naturally leave many people frustrated when they don’t see their favorite civ represented.

A relatively easy solution, that should please (almost) everyone, is to introduce cosmetic civilization “reskins”, which replace the voices and/or some of the models of a particular civilization, but keep the same mechanics. For clarity’s sake, whenever the reskinned civ is referred to in text, the base civilization can be put after it in parentheses. e.g. Al-Andalus (Abbasids). Some examples:

-Persia can be a reskin of Delhi. The language and civ mechanics are already perfect, and the unit models are good enough too. Just replace the buildings with Iranian architecture, and Persia is adequately represented in-game. The elephants may be historically inaccurate for the medieval period, but Persian elephants are a tradition going back to AoE2, so I don’t think people will mind.

-Likewise, Al-Andalus can be represented by Abbasid voices and mechanics with Maghrebi architecture. Same for Berbers, with the addition of new voices.

-If Castile/Spain is added in a later update, Portugal - and even Aragon and Navarre - would simply require voices in their respective languages.

Introducing these reskins as reasonably-priced DLC should be more than enough to recoup development costs, and can give the art team something to do in-between the introduction of new base civilizations. I hope the devs will consider it.