How to resign? AOE 4

Does anyone know how to resign from a game you know you lost instead of quitting the game entirely? My friend destroyed everything I had and we are just sitting there waiting for something to happen. Thanks!

Press esc and you should see a surrender option.

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I don’t see a surrender option. The buttons it gives me is resume, player tier list, tech tree, settings and quit game. Pressing quit game takes me full out of the game and I would like to see the end game timeline and stats.

Is this a custom match, quick match, or something else?

Custom multiplayer match. I created the game and invited my friend to play.

Did you set any win conditions?

Well, That’s it! haha We assumed by setting it as no win condition it would mean that we wouldn’t have to worry all those factors and winning would mean the other person gets destroyed completely. I’m used to Aoe3 where if I get killed, I eventually can use a villager to restart my base. In this game, if he destroys my base then there’s no chance of me rebuilding. Thank for the help yall!

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There are two ways to play without win conditions:

  • Sandbox mode, where game will go on even with everyone eradicated from the map
  • Standard mode, where you can check which win condition to exclude. Unchecking all will result in the “classic” conquest win condition where you have to eradicate an enemy completely to win.

Just tested it against AI, the Standard Mode without any win condition checked will let me resign and win as described.