How to reskin units or buildings?

I want to change the skin for byzantine monestary to the eastern european one.
How does this work? I saw many great mods from vierklee how i changed the skins of buildings.
Many thanks,

To reskin any unit and building you need to edit their graphics and change them to the ones you want using genie editor. Meaning you will have to create a mod yourself.


Locate the graphic files you want to change in the game folders and instead of what I said earlier make a graphics mod that just contains the graphics you want to be used in your mod with the right names so the vanilla game reads them as Byzantines graphics and overwrite the vanilla graphics. (But you will also need to use genie editor to find what graphics you need to rename and to what), also the graphics you will be replacing are plenty so you have to find them all.

The difference between those two is that the first will be a Data Mod and will be easier to make while the second will be a Graphics Mod. Its better for you if you do the second because graphic mods dont need to be activated every time you start a game and give you space to use them with other mods aswell, both data and graphic mods.

Either way you need to learn how to mod. Search the internet with key words for whatever you need and you will find the way.