How to save the RTC?To save RTS, we need to save Age of Empires iv. Hope the model of TC can be changed!

1 What is at the heart of the Age of Empires series? What is the most intuitive feeling of a game?

  • There is no doubt that the TC is the core building of the whole Empire series. When you start the game, it will be the first building you see. When the enemy attacks, it will be the building they most want to destroy. All of the game revolves around TC.

2 How to change TC without affecting the graphics and gameplay of the current game? How to change TC to make the game richer. Do these new nuances make the game better?

  • Take a look at the following images.

    As in the last two images. Make tc’s fence connected to the outer fence. And this fence can only be built within the range of tc landmarks. The TC model of the player’s own building also needs to be changed. Player built TCS will no longer have fences, or will not be able to connect fences externally. Currently when we have many TCS, we don’t know which TC is the landmark. Therefore, we also made TC landmarks more unique. And makes TC has the most unique mechanism of the whole series, and makes TC fully reflect the appearance of ancient times.
    In the picture, we can also see that villagers can stand inside TC, which is designed to allow villagers to submit resources. But this is so ugly. Looks like villagers can walk through TC’s fence. It completely loses the TC advantage of Age of Empires II and is much weirder.
    Therefore, we need to borrow from the TC of Age of Empires II. And here we are, 20 years later, with a qualitative leap in graphics and gameplay. So why don’t we make it more perfect?
    TC’s door needs to be turned into a door with real meaning in order to conform to the visual feeling and experience.

    As shown above. TC will be like Age of Empires ii. And the villagers are protected by small fences.
    The rectangle in the picture is an impenetrable physical building. Villagers need to enter the building to actually hide inside the house.
    Meanwhile, the architectural layout of the game has been greatly improved. When placing buildings, players will be able to take into account the fragmentation of fences. And the offense responds.
    In this way, TC is no longer just a castle.
    Gameplay will no longer be like SC2’s Terran base where you can attack people. Enemies with high ranged defense numbers will no longer move freely through TC’s range of protection.
    Also, the fence is limited in scope and strength, so it doesn’t completely control the gameplay.
    而而图中的矩形,是一个无法穿越的实际楼体。村民需要进入这个楼体才算是真的躲进屋子里面了 。
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I think adjusting scale might end up hurting visibility.

WoTaiNanLeYaAge Insider


I mean, TC will no longer be a simple building, it will consist of 2 parts. One is TC’s small fence and the other is TC’s solid building.

Even though the physical part of TC is smaller. But we can still make out what it looks like, because TC is the building we’ve been looking at.

looks interesting!

the picture with the villagers gathering inside the TC is really cool :slight_smile:

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It would be interesting if RELIC changed the current TC to one that looks like this. I’m sure everyone thinks so.Join me in voting “support”. :smirk:

yes,it is very interesting :star_struck:

This sounds like something that can make turtle too strong.
If I understand correctly, you’d be able to garrison the building with 20 villagers, and put more villagers int the “yard” protected by the fences?
I do support a visual improvement of the TC landmark, so that it stands out more. They can make more skins and ornaments that can be obtained by participating in events.

“also, the fence is limited in scope and strength, so it doesn’t completely control the gameplay.”
it is no turtle too strong.
as we kown AOE are Simulation building games.
The layout of the building can act as a defense. Instead of blitzkrieg like modern warfare. Instead, the game’s combat style is dominated by “street fighting”
Making the building of the game requires planning. The placement of the building requires consideration.And how to use these buildings for defense. And the process of invasion is more real.
Make the game richer. Not the simple confrontation we have now. A strong army can easily destroy an opponent. Each building has a single function and no connection. In the Middle Ages. A duel between two men. They needed a strong shield and a sharp sword. Use a shield as well as a sharp sword.
Not only to know how to attack, but also to build defensive hours. We need a wonderful fortification process.

Since this small fence can only be built next to the TC, the impact on the game is very limited. Because, during the game, you need to be very active in staying away from TCS and gathering more resources. We even build fences for the enemy. To keep the enemy trapped inside. So the effect on the game is so small that no one would even consider using a fence. But it can bring new content and game strategies.

Dunno man. It might make turtling easier, but saving AoE4 or the entire RTS genre? Hardly.

sometimes it felt that the choice is one way or another

Im not against the idea but… I’m not supporting the idea .

Let me explain , the TC is the first and free building you get into a match , if that addition would be added the game would consist on turtling since second 1 + it will be OP

Interesting idea but good luck getting people at Relic to even look into it, will take a lot of time and testing. Sorry but it’s not going to happen

My idea is to change the present slightly boring phenomenon. I think other changes will be harder to implement. Small fences may not be built. It is possible to just turn TC into a place where villagers can hide, instead of currently being stationed to hide from soldiers. And our soldiers can also take refuge in this way. It’s more fun to play.

Fences are weak, not strong. They’re a weak version of a fence, and they don’t have a lot of strength. Master acquisition can be cleverly used.