How to setup drs pathing on AGE?

Good day, I have been modding DE2 for some time now and learned all that I know either via aid from friends of by experimenting myself.

I have created a mod :’‘Historical Accuracy’’ part 1 and 2 but that has been some time ago, have since transitioned to a better pc.
Due to the latest update (and the upcoming dlcs) my mod as it currently stands has to be updated for none of my unit/building skins show up ingame.

To update my mod I have to reallocate all of my unit skins/sprites to the correct ingame unit/building. as I’m reallocating each sprite ID to each respective unit the data file does recognise my inputs but when I open the game and test my data mod, the allocated units are just invisable. (the dat. file seees the change but none of the sprites are showing.)

I have deduced that this might be due to an incorrect pathing allocation in AGE.
I set up the files as best as I can remember but can anyone tell me what I have to do differently ?

I have moved the smx files to other folder locations and set up different paths but each time I get the error message and after I say oke and allocate the unit IDs and save, the allocated units are just invisable.

Any assistance ?

Could you send out a tutorial on how to set up DRS pathing and such?

looks like your missing a drs folder…

are you in the citadel?

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I thank you immensely for the reply.
I appreciate your aid.

This has been solved, the devs added a _x1 postfix to every unit… WHY YOU DO DIS!!!
But it works now.