How to solve longrange unit overkill?

by attack ground order, there were lots of firepower wasted.
and here is my suggestion.
1, make a random attack delay, give this a toggle option.
2, long range unit have ability to fire in batches, and also give it a switch option.

I don’t think there’s many games that look to solve this because it’s a way to show player skill expression in PvP scenarios. The person that micros stacks of units within the blob for better spread to one shot will do better than the one that uses the attack move order and lets the AI do all the work. Pretty sure it was the same way in AoE2 but if I’m wrong, someone correct me.

Add ballistics. when arrows will automatically hit different units.

again this bs, i’ve seen split micro only from viper in the genesis. No one use it.

it has patrol command, it allows to stack archers on one tile, so archers do not fire at once(some shoot first), that makes dmg more spread
+ ballistics (preity sure some arrows can hit other targets, if missed cause ballistics, not 100% sure… because arrows from archers and towers works differently).

For split micro, I haven’t seen it that much in AoE4, at least from the casted games I’ve watched, true. Only now bought it and installing it but I remember that it was fairly common in AoE2 when I played at the starting elo. Wonder what changed between them, outside of possibly a bigger and fresher audience that hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet.

As for ballistics yeah, I think I distinctly remember arrows being able to miss, most notably with cavalry running away? I am 95% with siege as well. Someone correct me on that as well.