How to stop the center of mongols!

because the creator doesn’t change this type of mount and dismount from the Mongolian centers, the guy takes his center does it next to our center and there is no way to stop this type of tactic that ends up bugging the game, could change that , a maximum point where it does not disturb the gameplay very unfair!!!
the player goes from one pad to another with the center and the units inside dealing damage to the aldoes, the player places his center next to the base and is moving from one palate to the other, when will the system correct this?? you get in a line to have fun and end up falling with tactics like that, because the mongols can assemble and dismantle centers anywhere on the map, with 1 very fast speed, and even basic units can’t even take down , because the speed of the center is much superior to the warriors!!! change it!!!

Hey @alexandreturra! You’re referring to when Mongols unpack a Town Center close to your base, correct?

This was changed around Season One (I think) so that the starting Capitol TC has to be at least 20 tiles away. Any secondary TCs are exempt from this, I believe.

in one the player, 6 riders, and came with the center and placed it on the side of my base, took farms, took archers that left, al was born and died and extending the game like this, I with 10 pawns stopped in the center to try to destroy, but he you can unintentionally notice mine being able to attack villagers even within range of the center!!!