How to update to new patch?

Hi, I bought AOE2 DE with redeem code. I want to update with a new patch but in ‘download and updates’ it doesn’t show any updates available for AOE.
How can i install new patch?

You’re probably already on the latest version of the game. Unless you mean the beta (AKA Public Update Preview), in which case look here.

Thank you but it doesn’t seem the case, also I’m not using Steam.
I bought AOE2 DE a few months ago, and my version is 101.101.51737.0 0.
Yesterday I wanted to play online with my friend that just bought it some days ago. His version is 101.101.53347.0 0.
When I tried to play it shows an alert with an error about that we can’t play because we have different versions

Ah, yeah the microsoft store version is kinda delayed in its updates for whatever reason.