How to use Abbasids music and voices on other Civs Since Abbasids units are useless


My favorite music and voices are abbasids sadly in last 5 patches abbasids got no buffs and they’re so behind and i’m done playing them since they got no good units.

Instead of taking a break till they buff abbasids like my friends, I want to transfer music files and voices so i can use them while playing on other civs.

Anyone got any experience with transferring audio files or know how to do it? i would really appreciate it

this is my discord Qnix1#0766 or my FB “Qnix1” if you want to play games or test with me.

Please share any idea with us cause many players enjoy voices and music since they’re so good not just for abbasid this can be done for any civs


I like Abbasids, Delhi, Hre, Mongol music. They are awesome. Because of their music, I like too much to play withe them even they are somehow weak :slight_smile: