How to use other civilization sound?

like I play Spanish with chinese sound

You can mod your game
Check this out

I used to change the Huns Long Jingle to the Mongols Long Jingle, the one that plays at the start of a scenario

In my, and hopefully your, case, it was easier because the game already provides the soundfiles as .wem

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thanks,how can I get the sound? I should resolve the .wem?

wem files are in the folder AoE2DE\wwise. According to the spreadsheet, Chinese long theme should be 784299781.wem and Chinese short jingle should be 893254483.wem

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thanks, how I get this spreadsheet? And according to my understanding, can I replace other file by chinese.wem, and then rename them?

i dont have this file, i just have 784299781.wem

The spreadsheet is in the link I posted above, in the ‘Required’ section. Then, go to the ‘Music’ section. Place a copy of the 784299781.wem file renamed to Spanish_theme.wem in the path specified in the 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 sections

Edit: can’t read numbers

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ok, I will try it. thanks so much

I have done this in your mod and subscribed it, but it useless

oh, i found the background music is changed, but short jingle is not changed. So how can I change this?

I have found 893254483.wem on Spreadsheet, but I cant find it on my local file.

Read the guide. It says that the jingles may be bugged. I don’t have that wem file either. You can try and get the wav file from youtube, and create the wem file yourself, following the guide and see if that works

Edit: maybe you can download this video and cut the Chinese jingle

and then make your own wem file