How will AoE IV impact AoE III DE?


After announcing this big AOE franchize event in April I’m wondering what will be presented there.
Definitely we are expecting some additions do AoE III and solid news/gameplay for AoE IV.

On one hand I’d love to play new AoE game but I’m afraid that after AoE IV premiere many players will migrate from AoE II and III to the new game. And because of that, company won’t be interested to invest and improve AoE II and AoE III games any more. Playerbase for that games will significantly decrease.

So to summarize. I hope that AoE IV will be a great game and I will definitely play it. But I would rather prefer this game to debut in the next year for the sake of AoE II and AoE III. These games should still have a future :slight_smile:



I agree with you, I hope it will be postponed to 2022


AOE4 has been affected by the players of AOE2, it is only AOE 2+2,
There is no evolution of the times, no tanks, no machine guns, and no bombers.
The greatest success of the work is to remake the content of AOE2 again.
The biggest failure of the work is that the name is called AOE4.

The most affected are the players of AOE2. They will be divided into two groups.
Players of the Empire Age who are looking forward to world war can only continue to wait.

ps:Age of Empires V Can I ride a dinosaur?


I agree
AOE 1: Bronze age to iron age
AOE 2: Medieval to Renaissance
AOE 3: Age of exploration to Imperialism
AOE 4: ah… Medieval stuff is cool ah!

Should of been Age of Empires II 2. Simple

If they do a evolution of the times in say an AOE5 then the names will be just annoying


That will be end of this year, if you really love aoe3de, you can still stay and play.
Even without aoe4, there will be other games to impact aoe3de.

Yeah I’d rather wait till next year for AoEIV. The devs have done a really good job with AoEIIIDE since it came out and with DLC on it’s way I’d like to see the game supported for as long as it can. Once AoEIV comes out all the focus will be on it. Microsoft isn’t going to want that game to compete with the previous ones so I expect support to end for the older games. If AoEIV bombs than maybe they’ll just go back to them. Who knows. Also I’m curious what they have in store for AoM.Maybe we’ll learn something on April 10th.

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Although I’m not in the camp of feeling we need DLC for AoE3DE, as it seems like we may be getting that with the announcement in April, I would be more okay with AoE4 being postponed until 2022. That said, AoE3DE was released and then we received AoE2DE DLC, so I’m not so sure their release schedules will be intentionally staggered.

Ultimately, I don’t want AoE4 to feel rushed and also think from a financial perspective the game would be more successful of a release if it came out before the holidays. Therefore, I think it’ll be either Q3/Q4 2021 or 2022. 2022 just seems so far off given this game has already been in development for years and is already being play tested and balanced. How many more months do they really need?

thing is that most of the potential audience for AOE 4 aren’t “timing sensitive” chances are by far the most people buying AOE 4 will be adults, not children, which means that hitting a holyday season is not super important.

as for other games DLC post AOE 4 then the game is suppose to superseed both AOE 2 and 3, there aren’t suppose to be more DLC for those games after AOE 4 since it is suppose to unite the fandom and payback the price of development (which is likely several times that of AOE 3 DE).

Honestly, considering that several teams are working on the AOE franchise, I suppose that AOE2+3 might get DLCs even after AOE4 drops.

I think they would’ve gone much deeper when making 4 than they did with 2. Better damage mechanics, much more detailed civilization creation including buildings, units, research etc.
While this uniqueness is harder to balance, it will repay so much if the gamble pays off.

I believe that would be the point. The first few months, all other AoE games will be dead while we all explore the new one.

Remember, they have no obligation to invest into AoEII or III anymore, yet they do so with new DLC and regular patches (whether or not these are more beneficial is up for debate).

Why would you want to delay the inevitable? I’ve waited 5 long years, I don’t want to wait another.

I really hioghly doubt that any AOe3 lovers will migrate to aoe2 again.

As with many games, I suspect that once it comes out and people have gotten their hands on it and the shiny new feeling slowly ebbs away, they will likely return to their respective games. AoE4 will unlikely dethrone AoE2 anytime soon.

As for me, I like all games in their own way but I would have to see if AoE4 is what I expect it to be. At the moment, AoE1 looks like it’ll die if no new content will be produced, AoE2 will continue to steam ahead, AoE3 may receive additional content but not to the extent that AoE2 has since it doesn’t maintain a strong player base - which is a shame because 1 and 3 are also good games in my opinion and have their own flavour. Alas.

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Should of been Age of Empires II 2

2+2 = 4 if my math is correct :slight_smile:

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Nice observation. Lol