How will Sicilians play?

A lot of us have been intrigued by the gameplay of Burgundians, as they have several extreme bonuses (Knights with reimbursement policy, Ragnarok, 2:1 gold conversion, etc.).

However, I was thinking about Sicilians, and I believe their Bonuses could be equally OP. If you manage to hold a position temporarily, you can start building Donjons, and push your way forward (like the ugly Egyptian Fortress spams from Age of Mythology).

God forbid that Sarjeants ever raid a farming eco, because you will lose half your base to Donjons. I don’t know how they will be balanced, but Silicians have a lot of potential to end games in Castle Age… in an ugly way.

Tbh I feel like the civ will suck early game. Their eco bonus is a complete joke, and I think they just gave them one for the sake of not making a no eco bonus civ. In feudal age their scouts will feel like frank scouts, but only against spears, and their archers will feel like Vietnamese ones, but only against skirms. Long story short, in dark and feudal use your better eco and (hopefully) better military to get an edge.

Once in castle you should aim to keep them off stone, since (as far as we know) only serjeants can build donjons, so the Sicilian player will need a castle first so the donjon spam will take some time to get going, especially if they still want more TCs. If they do get the serjeants going, well I hope you have good siege and good anti-infantry 11 Also spam outposts as if the game depend on it, since well, it will depend on it 11 I bet most Sicilian players will go for the castle drop, so have some mangonels ready. Hopefully some of them will make the mistake of using less villagers to castle drop, which mean they will have less total HP than for a standard castle drop. First crusade should happen quite late if they prioritize castles and donjons, but don’t forget to scout for additonal TCs.

I have no idea what options they will have in Imp. Ig they will have cavalier according to the screenshot, but even if they have all upgrades they will be weaker than other bonused cavaliers and paladins. With the advent of heavy siege weapons, castle drops and donjons will be less effective, so I don’t think elite serjeant will be the play for the civ. What is sure is that Scutage can delay a trash war (1200 gold for 80 military units) especially if it doesn’t cost gold, but I don’t think it’s as ridiculous as the Burgundian tech. It will end up worse than a gold discount bonus.

Now everything I said here is based on what is known about the civ, they might receive other bonuses at release, and we have no idea what the serjeant and donjon stats will be, as well as most of their tech tree.