How would a 'Medium' cavalry unit for new civ would look like?

As the title suggests, what’s something that would fit between the scout and the knight?

Guess camels and steppe lancers fit the bill.

Hussar Magyar? Or you are looking for a generic unit?

Knights without bloodlines. Burgunduan Knight Line.

pretty sure they’re still heavies, considering bother their high dps and their durability, unless you think brits only have medium cav?


and this

maybe anything with 1/1 base armour and something like 100+ base hp in imperial fits the bill

Yes they have medium cav, their knights do see action time to time as a combo with their other options. Same goes for the East Asian civs.

But Paladin and Bloodlines together are expensive must have techs to make the knight line truly heavy.

Stats among the likes of Keshik