How would you beat 4 Turks with Infinite Resources

You can’t pick Turks yourself. Map is Michi, 500 pop. Post IMP. Or a very choke pointy map with mountains and cliffs.

Let’s say the map has awful choke points. You can have the Turks held up in a mountain somewhere with a very narrow pathway to them. I seen games happen where the non turk team just quits since the bombard tower spam drove the enemy insane with frustration. So, how do you break down the turk bombard tower spam?

Japanese Kataparuto.

I think Turks bombard canons would kill them pretty easy. Since they don’t need to set up.

Kataparuto trebs have 3 more range and they pack so fast they can deny their own shot. You can have a chunk of them on Attack ground in the gaps as well.

BBC also can’t kill trebs in one shot. You’d need a mass of them, which makes sniping them in chunks with a treb mass even easier.

If you’re really worried about losses to BBC, do Briton trebs with Warwolf instead, and just set a ton of them to attack ground in the opening while you set up your actual sieging trebs.

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Against 4 Turks you need Rams, Halberdiers and maybe some archers. Celts+Ethiopians+Koreans is going to be good not sure about forth one. Infinite resources so you can spam siege, bombard cannons not a problem, train them more. Korean War Wagons nice and Celts and Ethiopians has fast infantry. Rams+Halbs+Mangonels. Use Mangonels in Staggered Formation.

Also start of the game create cavalry and try to pressure Turks, they might have Camels but sniping vils much important.

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