How would you buff the Indians?

How would you buff the Indians? One rule. You can’t change the nerf that happened in the anniversary update. Or do you think the Indians were not nerfed too badly?

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A boring way, as many said, is giving them arbalester back.
A more interesting way, hmm, some creative buffs to elephant archers?

I thought their weakness is mainly in late game 1v1 with the lack of sheer power units.


They have been weak anywhere in Castle and Imperial Age. They are good in post Imperial when the enemy has no gold, but Indians tend to lose in early Imperial.

I propose a major Cavalry Archer Frame Delay buff, Hand Cannoneer buff. Instead of Arbalest give them 60% cheaper Heavy Cavalry Archer upgrade. This could only work with pre-DE, aka normal, usable Cavalry Archers and of course Knights and Battle Elephants. Not even Cavaliers.

Yes, this is the most useless unit ever created. It was buffed like 6 times, but still the worst unit.

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We still have to see how indians perform after the patch. Maybe some streamer finds that elephant archers are broken and we didn’t notice until now (I doubt it)

For buff proposals:

  • Battle elephants. I was reluctant to this before the nerf, now I am considering it as the elephant version of the Mongolian steppe lancer: better in castle age (indian elephant would have extra PA for free from their stable bonus), worse in imperial (because of less armor)
  • Buff of HC, of course. Maybe this would be enough because indians have been nerfed in imperial, not in castle age.
  • Buff to sultans UT. Make it gives more gold, or at least reduce the cost, of something. A buff of this tech would help to not depend of nerfed hussars and deploy more elephant archers (or HC, or battle elephants, or camels, or whatever gold unit you want). Similarly to my second proposition, this may be enough because it comes intoplay at the end of castle age.

Give them free +1 melee armor for all stable units in castle age, and another +2 in imperial age. Or maybe make the elephant archer not be useless, maybe with a heavy infantry damage bonus.

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Making them a long ranged CA as we have no unit of that type. EA will have 5 range, 6 for Elite. Satghni increases their range too by +1. A 10 range and bulky but super slow CA unit from castle in Imp. I don’t think this will give them a big buff though. Just sharing an interesting idea.

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Make the damn Elephant Archer more accesible. (Sultans allows them at the Archery Range)
Knight and Cavalier.
Remove the dark age discount of villagers.
Get rid off the non-sensical new bonus (lol now we have 3 civs with 5PA LC, Turks, Indians and Tatars).
Maybe replace the armor bonus with free heavy camel upgrade.

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give Heavy Camel (and Imperial Camel) +1 PA for all civs
give Indians BE
new civ bonus: reduce unit upgrade costs by 50% (but double the ‘base’ Imp Camel upgrade cost)

reduce the vill discount in Imp (& maybe Castle)

Indians nerf was definitely needed for TGs, now they need something for 1v1. Arbalest/knight would work…

Non elite battle Elefants with the new stable bonus. Will give them a castle age power spike but not really a usavel unit for imp without elite so a good balance to boost 1v1 and not affect teamgames.

Indians already got stronger than before in the Castle Age, what they will need, is an Imperial Age unit to stop Goths.

Hand Cannons?

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They have handcannons thought. With a hussar meatshield should do the thing?

If it doesn’t than not Indians is the problem but hc.

Not good enough, not even by a longshot.

Hussar without Platebarding can no longer beat Huskarl, so it is not an effective meatshield.

It doesn’t need to beat it 1v1. Just stand in front of the hand cannons.

Will Hand Cannons stand behind of the Hussars in Castle Age or in early Imperial Age when the Goths start their Infantry spam?

In castle age they will get non elite battle Elefants to fight of Infatry plus a few castle age ranged units against pikemen. Indians do have crossbows in castle and cav archers as a later option.

Nice pun. I hope there will come a day when they will be.

@CheshireWig3203, realise that the comment you’re replying to stands in the context of

It was not even meant as a pun, but after writing it I did understand that it orks as such because of Shatagni.


If devs finally fixed CAs and HC, it would already be a nice step up for indians. I honestly don’t understand all this bonus armor and remove plate barding nonsense, it would have been much better to just give indians normal FU camels without any bonus. If it is not enough, one can tweak imperial camel stats and cost until a balanced perfomance is reached.