How would you buff the Indians?

Making them a long ranged CA as we have no unit of that type. EA will have 5 range, 6 for Elite. Satghni increases their range too by +1. A 10 range and bulky but super slow CA unit from castle in Imp. I don’t think this will give them a big buff though. Just sharing an interesting idea.

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Make the damn Elephant Archer more accesible. (Sultans allows them at the Archery Range)
Knight and Cavalier.
Remove the dark age discount of villagers.
Get rid off the non-sensical new bonus (lol now we have 3 civs with 5PA LC, Turks, Indians and Tatars).
Maybe replace the armor bonus with free heavy camel upgrade.

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give Heavy Camel (and Imperial Camel) +1 PA for all civs
give Indians BE
new civ bonus: reduce unit upgrade costs by 50% (but double the ‘base’ Imp Camel upgrade cost)

reduce the vill discount in Imp (& maybe Castle)

Indians nerf was definitely needed for TGs, now they need something for 1v1. Arbalest/knight would work…

Non elite battle Elefants with the new stable bonus. Will give them a castle age power spike but not really a usavel unit for imp without elite so a good balance to boost 1v1 and not affect teamgames.

Indians already got stronger than before in the Castle Age, what they will need, is an Imperial Age unit to stop Goths.

Hand Cannons?

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They have handcannons thought. With a hussar meatshield should do the thing?

If it doesn’t than not Indians is the problem but hc.

Not good enough, not even by a longshot.

Hussar without Platebarding can no longer beat Huskarl, so it is not an effective meatshield.

It doesn’t need to beat it 1v1. Just stand in front of the hand cannons.

Will Hand Cannons stand behind of the Hussars in Castle Age or in early Imperial Age when the Goths start their Infantry spam?

In castle age they will get non elite battle Elefants to fight of Infatry plus a few castle age ranged units against pikemen. Indians do have crossbows in castle and cav archers as a later option.

Nice pun. I hope there will come a day when they will be.

@CheshireWig3203, realise that the comment you’re replying to stands in the context of

It was not even meant as a pun, but after writing it I did understand that it orks as such because of Shatagni.


If devs finally fixed CAs and HC, it would already be a nice step up for indians. I honestly don’t understand all this bonus armor and remove plate barding nonsense, it would have been much better to just give indians normal FU camels without any bonus. If it is not enough, one can tweak imperial camel stats and cost until a balanced perfomance is reached.


Their elephant archers +1-3 attack, +20-40 HP,
and +1/1 armor
Increased power over range

Quality over quantity, price remains the same or increased by a small margin. They’re weak to conversion and seem lackluster in some regards.

I personally think that they complicated things for Indians with this upgrade.

Their cavalry is weaker now in melee, which balance things for the late team games, but for 1v1, I don’t think that we can fix them now.

Their main weakness is that they lack both the full cavalry line and the arb upgrade, depriving them of the 2 main line of units.

They don’t really have other options, camels don’t work every time, and you can’t buff them too much (because of TG…), so most times you resolve to light cav (which now have a temporary +1PA) and skirms.

HC comes in too late, and EA aren’t a viable units (they could get +1 range though…) and Indians will never see BE.

So onestly, I don’t see a way to buff them without touching the latest patch. They can be decent in mid game, but they lack a final powerful unit to kill the opponent in the end (no arbs, no cavalier and nerfed IC and hussars).

This is definitely too much, but even if they would get this, their prohibitive cost, slowness, and the need to train the from castles wouldn’t make them the solution that the indians need.

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  • all of indians special units elephant archer, camel rider, hand cannoneer need food and gold…
  • indians are very very weak against infantry rush civs, (spears/huskarl/eagles in particular)
  • elephant archer and hand cannonears arrive very late after upgrades.

i believe the solution is to add arbalests so as to give them an option to use their wood resource on archer line so to counter infantry early while keeping it meaningful in the late game as well. still no solution to huskarl/eagle rush though.

That would be very positive. Another option is giving them knights, or giving camels a bonus vs infantry.

Like as civ bonus, camels get +2 or similar vs infantry. This way they are nerfed vs paladins with respect to the old Indians (-1MA, useful for TG) but they do not melt to infantry. Overall, a camel with this bonus should perform similar to knights vs infantry, worse vs archers and ofc better vs cavalry

Vs archers Indians are still decent, with CAs, FU skyrms and top eco…

Ok a lot of people suggest (and with good reasons) to give them arbs to fix them.

What if instead the HCA would fill the role of their powerful late game unit, aimed at closing the game.

I know that CA aren’t good because of their frame delay, but HCA are good in the late game as your main units, and Indians get HCA FU.

So instead of giving them arbs, I would give them a bonus to make HCA more accessible for them, my idea is HCA upgrade cost is 50% cheaper, so from 900f and 500g to 450f and 250g, almost at the level of the arbs upgrade, but with all the advantages of being a HCA.

If this is too little, it could be added partian tactics too at half the price, so another 100f and 125g saved.

This could give the Indians a smooth transition from a castle age made of light cav and camels to HCA, for a mobile and flexible composition.