How would you defeat Persians with infinite resources?

It’s Post Imp, 1v1, and 500 pop on Arena. You can’t pick Persians yourself. You both have infinite resources.

How would you stop the endless war elephant spam, mixed in with other units coming at you?

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spamming ballista elephants and scorpions with khmer

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Do balista elephants get Bonus damage against elephants as Well? Otherwise i probably rather Use celt Mass Scorpions+siege onagers or Inca kamayuk+onager+scorpion

Or Play Huns, throw palas at them while tarkans Run around them and destroy their base

I’m not sure but I think they do. Once I had an engagement with ballista elephants versus persian war elephants and my troops literally shredded enemy war elephants.

Infinite resources in unbalanced by default. However, Aztecs with better Mons and skirmishers + Garland Wars Pikemen, would beat Persians quite handily.

Ballista Elephants do not get bonus damage against Elephant units, but Scorpions do.

I’d play celts or koreans and spam endless siege onagers.

E: actually ethiopeans.

Siege Onagers do not do well against Paladins or War Elephants. You need Halbs for the first, and Scorpions for the latter.

Lel wat. Did you ever spam a lot of siege onagers? What can the enemy do, attack your first line of onagers? To heck with them, shoot the onagers down too. If you have infinite resources losing your first ranks means squat when they lost all their ranks. :}

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They train too slow for that, and in infinite resources, Castle Creeping is a great counter to Onagers, as you will find out you enemy can have as many Castles, as you have Siege Workshops.

I think Kamayuks will be the best solution to Persians War Elephants and Paladins.
Kamayuks are stronger than spearline with higher base attack. Also they have long spears with +1 range so when they are massed a much larger attack can be inflicted on the enemy. They have a descent training time to be massed quickly in huge numbers. Kamayuks are weak only against sword infantry and fortunately Persians don’t have a proper militia line. So they are the best solution in my opinion. The Incan Kamayuks.

Well the siege workshop has options. But we could try it out for the sport of it, could be fun. Only ever played one infinite res game so far 11.

yeah I don’t think there’s a good way to stop that without insane monk micro

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Italians can be good maybe. With infinite resources mass Genoese+ BBc should kill Elephantos.


mass ehtiopians scorps


Mass GCs do slaughter Elephants and Paladins, that is true., and Elite Skirms with Bracer will handle those pesky Trashbowmen.

I’d go mass bombard tower spam. More health, massive damage, and can actually hit elephants.

Back them up with enough monks to convert some elephants as well, then spam probably Champions, for their high building damage and resistance to bombard towers in return.


500 pop unlimited res. If you are wasting time on converting, you are automatically losing the game.

Flaming camels and petards as Tatar 111111


Mass GCs do slaughter Elephants and Paladins, that is true., and Elite Skirms with Bracer will handle those pesky Trashbowmen.

Did you still not get the “unlimited ress” part? Why on earth would he make a single Crossbowmen? Or you a single skirmisher?

Now if we just talk theortical 500 pop space armies, im not sure if thers something beating Eles+bbc. Best shot maybe mass SO or mass Scorps(Khmer or Ethiopians). Maybe Khmer eles+ scorps?

Now if were talking about a “proper” game: 3 start vills, Arena, normal map size. Maybe simply Franks. Those fast produced palas could probably steam roll. Or Goths.

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