HP or Attack Upgrades

Which age2 card do you like better and why:
cavalry hp or cavalry attack?

My civ is Spain.

Secondary question:
Would you send cabolleros or cav combat first for lancers?

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You should have both in the deck + the Age 3 Cavalry combat.

I usually ship out the HP first, because I want my expensive Cavalry to last longer in a fight. Cavalry is really expensive on a Colonial Age economy.

Cav Combat. It is the better card because it increase the general damage and HP for Lancers, and all other Cavalry, including Mercenaries and Natives.
Caballeros can wait until the opponent starts bringing Halbs.


for melee cavalry HP is usually more meaningful than dmg.


One usually makes HC for its tanking capability not for damage.


Aah, hp makes sense, thanks.
Would y’all say the same for hand infantry hp over hand infantry attack? I prefer the attack card because it also boosts wardog’s damage.

with infantry i usually go dmg, reason:

the small HP buff usually wont make a difference

and infantrys role generally is doing dmg, either to units or buildings.