HRE buff idea

I think with Meinwerk being underused, it could use another unique upgrade.

What about a speed upgrade for MAA only to make bring them up to the same speed as landsknecht?

Landsknecht are currently 1.25 speed, but MAA are 1.125. Since they often are grouped together, you can’t take advantage of the landsknecht speed. It could be an expensive upgrade and be castle, but if that was there I would definiely go meinwerk more often.

This faction really needs a few more unic troops/reskin… something more however.


That’s not enough… You can split the army anyway. I think the Landsknecht needs a faster charge attack to make it a bit more viable.

The problem with the HRE is that its uniqueness is very focused on the Landmarks, it has only 2 UU and one is “just” a monk replacement. It’s not layered as the other civs of the same difficulty rating, Rus and Abbasid.

Lookup [HRE: I am annoyed by its state. Esp. since it has been getting worse and worse] to discuss the better changes for HRE.
I’d post a link but for some reason, they won’t work.

Hre maa already have a speed upgrade, i don’t think they need another.

If they want boost meinwerk and make hre a bit stronger in feudal without making them stronger in castle/imperial (because hre is already really good in imperial).

One of the best solution would be to make some age 3 tech available at meinwerk in age 2. This would keep hre same level in imperial, but would make meinwerk more useful if you plan to stay in feudal longer (while chapel would be for fast castle).

I think best candidate for those tech would be either the mace of maa or the two handed maa weapon. Veteran upgrades should remain in castle.

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it woul be nice to even get the castle age normal blacksmith upgrades in feudal, the extra range armor especially would be awesome for feudal maa.

I’ve Always asked myself why the HRE spearmen’s were so badly designed: why not as an unique unit (like donso, limitanei recently). They were the base unit for century in the roman Empire.

In Bouvines battle Otton IV used large Pike men in phalanx.

The late imperial armies were made of hallebardiers.

They should remove the +2 Armor on Spears and replace it by a +1/+1 in castle and +2+2 in imperial.

Now it’s difficult.
Because every unit you add to HRE, you probably also need to make a gilded version of it.


No you don’t! HRE and OotD are separate things, they can evolve without influencing the other. :grin: