HRE bugs

*The prelate sometimes doesn’t auto inspire.
*The prelate sometimes doesn’t auto heal.
*Two handed upgrade to men at arms negates the mace upgrade.

Please fix these things because these are crucial items that make HRE actually good.


Welcome to the forums! I agree 100%, these are serious bugs which hurt the HRE. another reported bug is how relics stored in the docks increase the damage speed of all boats, not just your own.

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Omg seriously? I feel like I can’t even play them now.

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Hopefully, it will be added to known issues:)

As it was reported many times.

The 2 handed upgrade and mace upgrade together making the MAA weaker just feels so terrible, hope its fixed fast

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Does it make them worse? Is it better to take just the mace?

It basically cuts their anti armor bonus in half. It still gives them the bonus but yeah, it depends. If you are fighting a lot of heavy just go mace no 2-handed. If you are fighting light go twohanded aka archers and spears. If you are fighting mixed go both upgrades. It just sucks missing out on the whole bonus because of some number tomfoolery.

There is no difference in heavy to heavy combat for when you research both upgrades. You just increase the damage to unarmored targets. The outcome of MAA vs other MAA or Knights don’t differ when researching either only mace or both 2handed and mace (mostly because 15hp+). So basically going both, will just increase the damage to all enemy types.

Going only 2-handed is almost never viable except for when you need to take down mass-archers. Because you want to sprinkle your MAA army with Landsknechte, who will deal the damage to light targets, while MAA take care of the frontliners.

Or just 2-4 mangonels and just protect them while they sweep the mass archers. Seriously the 500 gold price is crazy if you calculate it into mangonels.

But yeah I was reiterating another post about the bug and from what they said, I haven’t done any testing myself so idk. I normally go Spears, Horsemen, Crossbows, and Mangonels.

Thanks @OSHAKHENNESY! We are aware of each of these and working on it.