HRE Build order?

My point is usually in feudal, spears not only fight better against knights than MAA, but they also require much less resources, and usually I can pull off gold relatively early to give one less place to raid.

The big issue IMO with garrisoning rams is ungarrisoning is so unwieldy.

Tbh in 3s or 4s I try to get imp ~15 minutes and then I the equivalent of have 5 TCs, 4 of which produce 1/4 cost villss.

Sorry, i cant good speak english.

My HRE build order:

Dark Age:

  1. 5 villager → sheep
  2. 1 villager → build one house, then mining camp (this villager go to gold)
  3. 1 prelate go to food !!!First training!!!
  4. 3 villager go to gold
    When need house, 1 lumberjack build this then go to wood.
  5. 6 villager go to wood
    (So far i have 5 food villager with prelate, 4 gold villager and max 6 wood villager)
    If i have enough resources to age change, 2 gold villager go to build Meinwerk landmark then go to gold mining.
  6. villager training (to sum 18) to food.
    In dark age i build 2 baracks with 1 lumberjack villager.

Feudal Age:

In Meinwerk landmark research siege tech then to maa shild.
As soon as it is build two baracks, push maa.

So far i havent loser with build order.

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Yesterday I tried a new strategy, a fast imp with all the eco landmarks.

It’s far from perfect, and my opponent didn’t harassed me at all…

But still, I hit the age 4 before 16 minutes, during that time I had spears and outposts to protect myself. When I get my second TC, I start booming and build a lot of farms.

My 3 relics inside the landmark were more than enough for all the gold needed for aging up, and then in the age 4 I haven’t a single vill on gold, yet I was still able to spam spears, HCs and cannons.

He was able to catch up eventually, but didn’t had enough to counter my mass at that point.

Still, I’m sure that I can do better. I should probably train a bit more vills, put less vills on food at the start, and get to age 2 a bit later on, but then build a landmark after another.

Yeah this is HRE atm.

With water aka full water or hybrid 13 min Impirial is possible and 5 TC Boom after it with swabia.

If ur not sleeping rush to 120 villagers while u get a big amount of production and upgrades running.

Onestly, with swabia, I don’t see the need of adding more TC.

Unless you mean that with swabia it’s like having 5 TCs.

But anyway, yeah, HRE is a beast, they have great spears, the HCs are available as soon as you hit imp with few to non upgrades needed, and then you can spam castles and fortifications to defend yourself.

Still, it was fun, I just need to perfect my starting through.

The way I did it was:

  • 4 vills on food
  • queue a prelate and then vills
  • 1 vill to gold, and the other to house and then gold
  • prelate to food
  • 2 more vills on food
  • 1 more on gold
  • 2 on wood
  • then keep adding vills to either gold or food, and 1 more on wood
  • build the landmarks with the gold vills and prelate, all new vills on gold

Yeah, I felt it too that I could do it faster…

Maybe I should have a bit more vills on wood, to add a market to better balance the eco. Or maybe I need less spears, and just train them only when needed.

I was also fortunate with the map, since I had the back gold, 2 wood lines, and of course the sheeps under the effect of the chapel, and then I used the scout to bring there deers.

Also, I just noticed a bug in the post game results.

It’s not the first time that the graphic show me only when the enemy hit age 2, and not age 3 or 4…

I’m sure that he was in the age 4 since he trained springs and HCs. And it’s not the first time that it happens.

I’ll open a ticket for that, and for the fact that it didn’t show me the map post game.

they should have… There bracing is bugged before the patch and it hurts very much atm imo.

HRE should have after a fix a solid infantryblock.

I dont know if im a little imperfect in my opening but i play.

-6 on sheep
-prelate and villagers que
-prelat buffs food

  • +1 vil gets house and goldmining camp
  • +1 - +4 villager to gold
  • when the 4th new villager spawns swap prelate to gold.
  • timing wise u can get the goldworkes to the minig camp to get a quick 200 and build with 1-3 gold and 0-2 foodvillager the aachen chapel
  • +5th villager gos to wood or stone (if 2 TC) +6/7 wood / stone up to 5 with prelate on them

for one base imperial u should build a market cause u will get gold extremly fast when its buffed by ur prelate or it should be in most cases inside ur chapel area.

Still, they have +3 armor and they are faster. Just that makes them great at burning down springs and protect gunpowder.

Onestly, even if they don’t brace, the HC shred everything to pieces…

I do more or less the same, but get on wood a bit earlier, to be better prepared for a barrack, spears and outposts.

Yeah even sooner for me…

The cathedral got me soo much gold with just 3 relics…

Question… do the chapel buff the cathedral too? And other buildings?

No it only does the resource collection buff to villagers.
The first thing i tested with HRE was if ur Units would get buffed in the aachen chapel radius after u get the army inspiring upgrade. But this doesnt work too. But I dont know if this should even work.

They fix would be a big step for the army composition.
it is catastrophic vs China if u want to counter there siege with cuverins but u cant protect ur siege from firelancers. And if ur try to use ur Maa u will see how much there explotion AoE makes even vs high armored not siege units.
Mixed in Landsknechte would be more effectiv too because they dont need to eat the Knightcharge anymore.

Im so hoping they will fix that today and missed it in the patchnotes lol …

Ah onestly I don’t even get the prelate military inspiring techs…

I never understood how it work, my prelates just heals units…

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So much lost potential in that faction…

Auto inspire while walking after this upgrade and auto heal on attack move (they shouldnt int in the battleline and die) and a little buffing area for the army when they are carrying a reliq.

This would get much more reliq play than get 3 and put them into regnitz and thas everything. All 5 Relics at the 1vs1 map would be considered good to have.

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Prelate first ALWAYS. Producing a vil first notably slows down feudal.

  1. que Prelate and spam vills (if you’re against Rus, make 1 Scout after prelate)
  2. while the first vil is qued, click uninspired vil to build a house, at least 2 tiles away from TC (so that you can make farms in the future next to TC)
  3. send first vil to gold and build mining camp Worker distribution at this point is 6/0/1/0
  4. Rally vils to gold, make it so that 6/0/4/0
  5. Send prelate to gold with the 4th gold vil
  6. Begin rallying vils to woodline and build lumbercamp.
  7. Around 2:30 mark, you should be putting down Aachen chapel with 3 villagers, positioned so that it covers gold, food, and wood.
  8. Move back prelate to food. If you don’t keep food inspired, you won’t have steady food to produce more villagers.
  9. Keep pumping villagers to Wood. Keep 3 on food and keep them inspired.
  10. Build a house.
  11. Micro Prelates back and forth food and wood. Maximize blessings from your lord and savior.
  12. Get vils from Aachen to food again. Stop rallying to wood and start rallying to food. Get 1 more to gold. 6/9-11/5/0 (wood vils depend on the matchup)
  13. Build stable right after Aachen is done. If you do things right, you should have a bit more than 150 wood.
  14. Immediately build Mill when you have 50 wood (position it 2 tiles away from Aachen, again, for farms)
  15. Make at least 3 more scouts.
  16. Research grand theft deer as soon as mill is up. By the time your all of your scouts are up, the research should be complete. Go to first deer site and gather them back home.
  17. Don’t forget to scout and keep enough wood in bank to throw down whatever is necessary to counter enemy rush composition and maybe throwdown a few towers as well.
  18. The gather rate is quite fluid at this point, but the good benchmark to build a Reignitz is about 7:40 mark.
  19. Que 2 prelates. Preemptively send them to 2.
  20. If no rush is coming and you feel safe, build more stables.
  21. If Reignitz is almost done, take out the prelate from Aachen and start walking it to the nearest one.
  22. Again. SCOUT hard. If you get prelates killed just gg and tap out lol.
  23. Once Reignitz is done, spam out knights. Especially if you’re fighting vs French or Rus. You will need them to go toe-to-toe.

At this point you have two choices: Spam out knights and keep pressure the other side or rush Imperial.

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