HRE "By a Landslide" Mastery not Unlockable

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD : latest version
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

This mastery is not unlockable. I did a skirmish match building only landsknecht and killed around 60 enemy units. It did not unlock. Tried again and this time I killed over 400 units. Still not unlocked.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)
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I have a similar problem. I tried three times tonight each time using only landsknechte as the only military I produced and scoring several hundred kills with them (minus the few units that died from my base defences) and the mastery still didn’t unlock.

I’ve managed to unlock it, but only with Landsknechte, not Elite Landsknechte. Perhaps the issue is that the upgraded version isn’t considered for the Mastery.


I ended up getting it once I set the game to start in Age 3 with the elite version. I think it’s just random whether the game decides to count it or not.

Now I’m stuck on the Elzbach Palace one. I built 7 Keeps touching the Palace and didn’t get it.

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I had the same issue and building the palace and three keeps in the influence area of the first town center fixed it. Not sure if it works with adding a town center to the palace’s influence later.

I was mid game when I saw this reply. I tried adding a TC afterwards and it didn’t count.
I’ll try the first TC and see if it works.

Edit: You’re right Kaiser, it worked!

I’ll have to try this tonight! If it works, the wording of the mastery should be updated to be clearer.

Edit : It worked! You must not upgrade to elite to get the mastery.

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You are correct, Only the Landsknechte counts, the Elite does not.


Same the Elzbach Palace mastery wasn’t triggering for me and thought it was a bug but it ended up working if the keeps and Elzbach Palace were built in the influence of the starting towncentre. Lol, if that is the intented objective it should be worded a lot more clearly.

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Thank you for the report @Darknos111! We’re looking into it!

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I’m at the point where i need to kill 50 enemies with landsknechte. I did a 2 vs. 2 match vs. medium AI. I played the whole game with the landsknecht and no other unit. I only used some castles and towers for defense.

I killed round about 350 enemies like seen in the screenshot. I tried it more than one game.
I simply can’t get the award.

Did you upgrade them? I couldn’t get the mastery until I only used Landsknechte, not Elite Landsknechte.

I upgraded them. Then someone should change the description of this point… Thanks for the help. Hope that it helps


If you’re attempting the Elzbach Palace mastery, the influence only counted if it and the keeps were built within the influence of the starting town center. I doubt that has been patched or the description changed for that either at this point.

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@anon63664082 this one might be a deep reach as it has multiple things listed but similar landskets

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