HRE Elite knights look silly

The age 3 HRE knights look the best imo, but upgrading them to elite at age 4 gives them this ridiculous cape on the back… could we please have that removed it doesn’t look realistic at all. anyone got any proof they wore little capes like that?

The Rus knights also look meh with that cape idk. art department could work on that imo.

anyone else thinks the tiny capes on knights look silly? even English scouts have better capes.

and overall, i’d prefer the age 4 elite HRE knights to look like they do in age 3. no cape, full plate armor, looks very solid Not the elite version though

Well as for the armour they wear age 3 appears to be goth-style plate armour and age 4 appears to be maximilian-style plate armour which are both historically correct. The capes however don’t really have any historical context.

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