HRE emergency repair Bug

The “Emergency Repair” ability seems highly bugged in several cases.

  • Landmarks within the Town centre’s Aura do not get the Emergency Repair ability
  • Stonewall Towers within the Town centre’s Aura do not get the emergency repair ability
  • Keeps do not give the Emergency repair ability’s Aura, nor can they use the ability on themselves. They can only use it within a town centre’s aura, which is incorrect according to the tech tree tool tip. The Tech tree states that both the keep and town centre project this aura but only the Town centre seems to be doing that.

I hope a fix for this will be included in the up coming patch.

Thank you.


It shows requirement: In influence while it is connected to TC influence.
I could use it on the house next to it, just not dock.


Always was frustrated by that.

Same with the Regnitz.

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HRE emergency repair Bug - Age of Empires IV / IV - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

I posted a bug report for this almost a month ago and no reply, but good luck! :slight_smile:

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Emergency repair still bugged.

Doesn’t work on landmarks 50% of the time.

Regnitz and Elzbach can’t be emergency repaired most of the time.

Just fix it, HRE is terrible enough.

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We are looking into a few different types of wonkiness (technical term) with Emergency Repairs.

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Just happened to me again. Cathedral next to TC and without influence???