HRE Identity

I feel as though the HRE have a confused identity in whether they are a eco based, or aggro civ. Go full religious and you have a great eco, go full army and you can spam out some pretty beefy bois.

Each has a strong identity on its own, but they seem hyper isolated from each other compared to other civs. I could just be seeing it wrong, or it could be a result of a few mediocre landmarks, but thats just what I feel is causing such issues right now.


How do you feel about French being the most aggresive civ yet they have all the trader eco options?
At least HRE prelates can buff your army so their heavy religious identity is way more strong than the French, just to give an example.

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I believe that it was kind of intentional, to have civs that can fill multiple identities based on the player choices.

This also allows to explore more aspects of a culture history while also balance it.

Thats true. I guess HRE just stand out more to me because they dont have any solid strategies right now.

I wonder if we get a big landmark update if they’ll make eco/aggro landmarks for the civs more cohesive with each other across the ages.

Yea that makes sense. I guess I’m just used to the idea that one character, civ, etc. has a specific thing its good at rather than several.

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