HRE lackluster

Does anybody else think the HRE are a bit lackluster? They have no eco bonuses apart from the prelet which is gimmicky and buggy and for an infantry civ they don’t really have any good infantry bonuses. Their knights are weak and their MAA aren’t that much better than standard men at arms even with the unique upgrades considering you have to upgrade them to regular MAA in the castle age. Sure you can go feudal MAA ram rush which works sometimes but an maa rush is no where near as effective as a early knight rush with the Rus and French due to the lack of mobility and damage from MAA. Their unique unit is also really weak considering its cost and dies easily. Maybe the HRE could get a civ bonus that increases the health and damage of their infantry by 10-15% and give them the melee armour upgrade for free when they age up to better fit the heavily armoured motif. Another unique unit (something like the german black rider mercenaries in AOE3 which were based on the real life HRE reiter cavalry Reiters | Weapons and Warfare) would be a big help also.