HRE Man-at-arms upgrades

I am a little confused about the 2 unique HRE upgrades for man-at-arms. It seems I can upgrade both Two-handed weapons and Heavy Maces, then depending on which one I upgraded second, that’s the one they use now? Say if I upgrade Two-handed, they all get two-handed swords/ mace, forgot now which it is, but then I upgrade Heavy mace, and they all change to maces. So the one upgrade cancels the other one out, am I correct? Is this for if you ever want to switch to the other upgrade down the line?

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They stack. If you get heavy maces they unit visual trades its sword for a mace and gets +6 vs heavy. If you get 2 handed weapons it gets a poleaxe and +2. If you get both it gets a two handed mace and both +2 vs all and +6 vs heavy.


Oh! So there are 4 different versions of the HRE man-at-arms then. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for the info I appreciate it!


Just thought I’d ask, is there ever a strategy to use either one of the upgrades and not just research both anyway? I’m not a league online player, so my APM would be horrible I guess. This means I obviously don’t go fast enough to keep running out of resources systematically upgrading things, so 99 percent of the time when I upgrade my man-at-arms at the barracks I just choose both upgrades. Which makes it now seem like it’s pretty useless having two upgrades that combine into one anyway, at least for me.

If the opponent is only making light units you’d be better off spending the resources on more maa rather than getting the upgrade that gives bonus damage against heavy units.

Poleaxe +2 would help then since it’s against all, right?

Yes, for that upgrade it’s just a question of which gives more benefit, the upgrade or more units. When you only have a small number of units, extra units will help more than the upgrade.

Well that makes sense. Thanks for the reply!

FWIW I currently have plat 2 elo with an apm that is less than half what some bronze players have. The game is much much more about the decisions you make until you get to a high level. I reckon with better decisions I could probably get to diamond elo with my current apm (low 30s). So don’t be put off playing ranked, you can do just fine with low apm, it’s more about looking at your replays, looking at what other players did when you felt they had a bigger positive impact on the game than you, where they made better decisions, where you could have made better decisions etc.

Yes, you just have to do it, to start somewhere. I remember not actually doing all that bad in StarCraft 2, and I think that’s an even more competitive game overall. Even in Company of Heroes 2, I won some games. I’ve just been a single-player gamer since the '90s. So never really went into the competitive scene. But I’ll have to try sooner or later, the campaign is only so long, I mean some missions are just like 10 minutes long, come on! And the skirmish AI is really terrible even on hard. I’m playing the campaign on hard, and the only problem I ever get is just not knowing the mission script, etc. Replay it and it’s really easy. I guess that’s where watching replays come in that you mention.