HRE prelate lost ability to inspire

Playing on map Forrest Ponds.

ChoppeR (me) vs Gordon104133 (opponent) on 13th November 2022. HRE mirror match.

Game length 4 mins.

I manually inspired a few villagers with the prelate, before his inspire ability became unusable and was greyed out. I resigned the game due to competitive advantage of opponent in mirror match.

The game is not listed in my game history via the game history browser, but is listed on under my player name with the above given details. I could not replicate this event and have played many HRE games recently and have not seen this bug ever.

I want to view the replay to obtain more information but the game is not showing up. I was under the impression this bug had been fixed long ago. Seem similar/same to a bug posted on August 27th.

aoe age 4 5.0.26139.0 version

Do you happen to know how many?

This particular bug is/was actually a few different bugs. Another piece should hopefully be fixed in a couple updates. If you see this again, please do let us know the exact details of what you’re seeing so we can work to stomp it out. Thanks!