HRE relic gold generation +200/min in outpost if the Regnitz Cathedral is built

I have checked that if there’s no Regnitz Cathedral, an outpost generates only 100 gold/min.
However, if the Regnitz Cathedral is built, the relic in an outpost will generate 200 gold/min.

Is this a bug? I thought the Regnitz Cathedral should only affect the relics in it.

This is an intentional change to HRE relics in the new update 17718.

  • The Regnitz Cathedral Landmark now provides +100% Gold from all captured Relics instead of +200% Gold from 2 Relics garrisoned within. It also is now a fully functional Monastery.
    • Developer Note: We want HRE to engage more frequently with their mechanic to garrison relics in defensive buildings to power them up. With the updated design you no longer lose out on gold by having relics in keeps.