HRE Select All Religious Buildings Includes Non-Prelate Producing Buildings


With HRE, ‘Select All Religious Buildings’ includes non-prelate production buildings because they are part of the same class of buildings. This is due to the possibility of garrisoning relics into them…

However, the ‘Select All Religious Buildings’ should definitely not include these other buildings…there is no purpose to having them all selected, and it just makes it difficult to “Select All Religious Buildings” → Produce Monk, because now other production stuff gets in the way.

So please either:

-Prioritize the UI having prelate production when all these buildings are selected (likely difficult b/c production UI is based on building order of creation), or,

-Create a duplicated overlapping class of buildings that only include The Regnitz and Monasteries, and link that new class to the “Select All Religious Buildings” hotkey instead.

…please :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

A picture so you see what I mean:


I posted the same into discussion has a suggestion for hotkeys, i hope they will aware and change it :smiley: its so porblematic and unconfortable as holy roman empire player.
And i reportd a bug about rotation outpost hotkey for HRE isnt working.

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Thank you @EarningPig49 and @Earning. The team will check into this!

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